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First post and no photos

So… today is Thursday.  Fifi came down with the flu last friday and today was her first day back to school.. Just in time for the last days before summer break.  Next Tuesday is the last day of school and it’s a half day.

Oh my god.. kids.. so many kids.  I love them but they can be damn annoying.  When they are whining and fighting and just doing stupid or mean things to each other in general.  It’s nice when they are cuddly and sweet and saying “I love you” to one another but most of the time it’s filled with the opposite.  (Salvatore and Percy in the bed poking and slapping one another about Percy’s shirt being an “Arya” (cat) or a panda bear.)

Last night Ophelia threw up in the middle of the night.  Two nights before that is was Salvatore.  So far Settimio and Percy haven’t gotten sick.  And thankfully no one got it as bad as Fifi!  She was so sick she didn’t eat all weekend.. Wednesday was the first day back to eating food and even still when she’s eating she complains of  her stomach hurting.  Poor girl.  I had just taken her measurements before she got sick.  I am starting to make Fifi and Percy little empire waist dresses from the sensibility.com collection.  Sweet little Jane Austen type dresses and I needed to take their measurements to see what size to make.  I bought the e-pattern and our local fabric store was having a 20% off sale so I bought a few yards of a soft blue cotton and a white muslin for the lining.  Fiammetta is so tiny before being sick she was measuring in the size 4 on some of the measurements.  I measured her again today to get the length needed from the empire waist down to the floor and she will probably need a size 8 in length.  Taking her measurements again today she has lost about an inch in her bust, waist and hips over the past week!  That is not good for a growing 6 1/2 year old girl.

We are going to a wedding in a little over 2 weeks so I wanted to have the dresses done before then.  Miss Fi wants a pretty silk dress for Christmas this year so I told her I would make one of these up in cotton first before we buy the silk.  I found a great website (silkbaron.com) that was recommended on the sensiblity.com website and they have great prices.  $15 a yard for silk in a huge variety of colors!  I’m excited to buy that after I see how these turn out.  I just got the pattern printed out and taped together today.  It’s actually still taped up to our sliding glass door in the dining room.  Tomorrow I will be tracing it on to interfacing and hopefully getting the fabric cut and starting to sew!  I will try and post some photos of that.  Right now I’m just going to be taking pictures with my phone and I really dislike downloading onto the computer.. but I suppose I should as my phone is always lacking space!

I was hoping to get a Regency dress made for myself as well but I really don’t feel like messing with the short stays required.. at least not on a time restraint.  So I will do that at a more leisurely pace.  I also just bought some fabric online to make my 2 little girls red riding hood capes.  I made Fifi a pink and grey wool hood cape last fall (or was it summer?) but I’ve been wanting to make her a red one for quite a long time!  I got the pattern from the Oliver and S Little Things to Sew book.  Actually that pattern is why I bought the book.  I bought 2 different shades of red linen blend and for the lining I bought a navy blue with white polka dot cotton.  That should be arriving in the next week or so.  I told Feafers she can pick out which red she likes better and the other ones I will sell at the Farmer’s Market or on my Etsy.  The red riding hood cape pattern was pretty easy and it turned out great.  She has gotten a lot of use out of the cape and has worn it to school very often.  I think it’s sweet.  I’m glad she likes and wants me to make her things.  I don’t think Ophelia or Settimio would be so enthusiastic about me making them stuff.

I don’t remember when I created this account but it has taken me very long to actually sit and write for it.. There are a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog.  I really miss writing. A lot. I’m hoping that I will use this as a sort of journal .  But then there is part of me that really doesn’t want to either.  Like, I feel so pretentious.  Who really cares to read what’s going on in my/our lives?  Why does it matter?!  And then there has been so dang much going on in my life that I haven’t really wanted to talk about or it’s been so overwhelming just thinking about. But, I guess I’m more just writing for myself.  but publicly .. publicly is a funny word.  it looks funny.  and if you pronounce it differently it could say pube licey.  or pube lickey.  he he he.. gross.  I guess if you don’t know me then you might find that I am inappropriate or even gross at times.. some might say more than not.  My mom might say that.  Probably most people who know me would say that.  I think poop is funny.  and farts.  They make me laugh.  Not really if I have to clean up some poop.  Then I get frustrated or angry maybe. Cat poop in the bathroom sink going down the drain hole isn’t funny when you have to clean it up. Diarrhea on the floor or couch isn’t very funny when you have to clean it up.  But it is funny when you just have to think about it.  yes.  and now I’m talking about poop.  I think this has been a successful blog post.


2 thoughts on “First post and no photos

  1. Janelle Poor says:

    Love this sweet momma! Hope the sick kiddos are all back to normal soon. Btw, you made me giggle… and I think farts are funny too 😉

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