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A gaggle of Geranium Dresses

So the past few days I have been busy sewing up some Geranium dresses. I have made three for Persephone and two for Fiammetta. As well as a whole lot of bloomers/bubble shorts (tree climber pantaloons) for little P, baby V, and the shop. On the two dresses with short sleeves I used the Geranium Expansion Pack.

First off, was this white linen, sleeveless dress for Little Miss Percy Pie.

I used Kam Snaps on the back because I don’t know how to sew button holes! 😂 and I really like the way these open metal ring ones look. 

Persephone’s dress was sewn using Kaufman Essex Linen in white. It is a Linen cotton blend.

It turned out really nice. I keep thinking how lovely some embroidery would be on there!
The Second dress I made was for Fiammetta. She wanted sleeves and picked the gathered sleeve from the expansion pack. I am not too fond with how this one turned out but Fifi likes it so that’s what is important! I ended up shortening the sleeves a bit from what is pictured because the length of them really bothered me. The ended up looking really long. I like the way the whole dress looks better with shortened sleeves. But I don’t have a photo of that!  This dress also differs from the way it was made. Instead of a gathered waist she wanted a pleated skirt. And I sewed her a straight size 8. But because of her very thin little body I probably should have sewn a size 7 bodice with a size 8 length skirt. She’s long and thin just like I used to be!Back of 2nd Geranium with Gathered Sleeves

I didn’t get the best photos here.. Fiammetta was helping to grate some cheese for supper. Excuse the messy house! 🙂 and we had the tent set up in the parlor as the kids were having a campout for a couple days!side of second geranium

The pink fabric is Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Blossom Pink.  The bottom fabric is Brambleberry Ridge Rosemilk Metallic Mint also by Michael miller.  I bought these fabrics quite a while ago to make some dresses for the girls but never actually got around to it!2nd geranium

Fiammetta's Geranium

Third dress and I think my favorite of the bunch is this pretty little gold dress for Persephone. I used the fitted, short sleeves from the expansion pack and I LOVE the way this dress turned out! I will be making many more of this style for the girls in different fabrics. It looks classic and sweet. I’m thinking of possibly adding pintucks on some future dress skirts.

Persephone Gold Geranium Fitted Short Sleeves
I used Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Gold. Again, it was purchased quite a while ago but never used. I have plans of making bloomers for the shop out of this fabric as well.

Gold Geranium Octopus Tree Climber Shorts

For the bloomers and lining of the dress bodice I used Salt Water Octopus Garden by Tula Pink.  I would link to that but it is sold out. I bought this fabric back in 2014 but didn’t know what I wanted to make out of it so I’ve held on to it for a while! I have since decided to make a bunch of bloomers with it and list them in the shop. Now that the baby is getting older it’s a little easier for me to be at the sewing machine and get some stuff done!

Kam Snaps again on the back. In fact I used Kam Snaps on all the dresses! It makes for easy dressing for the girls as well. Plus they are sturdy and durable.

Fourth and fifth dresses are a matching set for the two girls. We did the gathered skirt with the cap sleeve option from the original Geranium Dress pattern. I used Michael Miller Brambleberry Ridge Flight in Metallic Mint. This too has sold out. I really love Michael Miller fabrics. They are very soft and lovely to sew with. also has very reasonable pricing. It’s nice to shop from local shops but it’s a lot more affordable in a lower income household to buy online.

Persephones dress is a size 4. I did deepen the hem to 2 1/2 inches instead of what the pattern called for. It makes the dress a bit shorter and a bit more retro 1960’s look.

Again, I sewed a straight size 8 for Fiammetta but I probably should have gone with the smaller size 7 bodice with a size 8 length skirt. She’s such a skinny Minnie.

I did deepen Fiammettas hem as well. Since she is older and her dress is a lot longer than Persephones, I was able to make her hem 3 inches.

The expansion pack has so many options! I plan on making the girls some long fitted sleeve dresses for the winter. Next up is a long fitted sleeve dress out of the white linen. I am going to lengthen the skirts to floor length for both girls and sew up a red sash from the expansion pack. Perfect for celebrating Santa Lucia Day and the Winter Solstice this year. I just have to figure out how to make a crown of greenery and candles!
After I tire of dresses and the girls have a few new things to wear for the hot weather I will get back to sewing for the shop!

And since little baby girl woke up from a nap I was able to snap a few photos of the girls together.. so I’ll leave you with these ❤️

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The road so far

Yesterday morning woke up to a chicken torn apart in our back yard. That kinda sucked 😦 goodbye sweet Chicka!  Had a quick little burial under the plum tree.

So it’s December! It’s actually 5 days in to December. I got my good old fake tree up before thanksgiving but I honestly have not had the time to get it decorated. (I like to use fake trees because I think murdering trees sucks. Even if they were specifically grown for it I still don’t like it.) I wanted to decorate our tree multiple times already but I can’t find those dang ornament hooks. The little kids have been begging me to go through the boxes of ornaments to find them but I am not looking forward to a sea of breakables across the floor while I search. Valentino isn’t the gentlest of baby’s. Actually, he is quite the turd!
Though, I do have other areas of holiday goodness.oh you beautiful, beautiful lamp you! It’s a Major Award!! This baby is in the front parlor window. The tree got demoted to the back family room this year so my beautiful lamp could take center stage. Ginger kitty wanted to be in the photo too. Don’t mind the laundry piles and the baby clothes I’m working on embroidering on the chairs there!our naked tree. I’m hoping to find those ornament hooks or I just may break down and go spend the $1.50 to buy a new bunch of them. I just hate to do it because I already have like 3 boxes of the things from previous years.

More messy! Need to get rid of those pumpkins still! Haha! Threw some candles and some lights in the front window and call it good. It actually looks a little different now though, I cut out a bunch of stars from white computer paper and taped them up on the top half of the window.I bought a wreath and some garland from Costco so I can enjoy a little bit of that fresh tree smell.put up a string of lights in the dining room window.. ahh the ambiance. The kids keep knocking it down somehow. Plus it got stretched out a bit as time went on.
I love these star lanterns, but these are actually a year round lamp I keep up in the front parlor.

I was able to find some of our winter/xmas books in the boxes yet to be unpacked and get them arranged with some nutcrackers on our lonely shelf. I need like 5 more of those things to hold all of our books!

And although I am not a follower of the christian persuasion, I did put up my moms old chreche above the computer desk. I just think it’s pretty.. And peaceful.. And I love images of Mary with her baby. I’m a sucker for babies 😉 I also like it because it was my moms.

Some people may be aghast to learn of this, but I fondly recall childhood memories of my middle younger brother and I hanging baby Jesus every year from the rafter above with a noose I lovingly hand crafted from speaker wire. My mom would get so mad. I still hang the noose on my tree every year. I try to put it next to the ornament said brother gave me a few years ago of a stately Santa figure stuffing a small child into his red sack. That child must have been naughty! 

Hung up some of our old advent calendars, just for decoration. That big Santa face one is from 2002 when Ophelia was just 1 1/2 and we had our very first apartment together. Our collection grows every year! Especially now with 6 kids and sometimes each kid getting their own calendar. We don’t reuse the calendars though, I don’t want the cardboard getting weak and the little doors falling off. We never buy the chocolate ones, yuck. Eventually I want to get around to making a reusable advent calendar.. let me just add that to the list!

We just had to get a new fridge the other day, the old black one was on the fritz. So again, please don’t mind the mess! But here are our cupboards dressed up for winter. I put lace on the inside of the glass cupboard doors so I didn’t have to look into our messy cup cupboards all the time! Damn my realistic unmatching cups! Damn them to fake hell! Sweet little Persephone again!old black fridge. It went with the other appliances better. Oh well, I’d rather have unspoiled food!close up of the kitchen wreaths. I bought them at Michaels when they were having 50% off all fake goodness sale. It isn’t really called that. I liked the holly leaves and berries in these ones. Plus, sparkle! I had to use my own ribbon though. These ones came with a tiny red hanger.

So, some of the things I’m working on for my shoppy poo. I decided to move all my painted signs to their own shop, Painted Lady Signs at Some of the lighting isn’t great. Sorry!

I also make those mobiles in many colors in my original shopmade a silver and gold version of the reindeer names in honor of Yukon Cornelius! 

I just finished up these Joy signs this morning.
I am still in the process of moving all my signs from the original shop Mary, Mary Quite Contrary at but there is a lot more signs posted on both shop sites. These are just the holiday ones I’ve been working on lately..  as for other items I’ve been working on in the original shop..

I always have some classic Pooh or Peter Rabbit thing to work on! So $&@%* precious!!

Some Holly and Mistletoe baby gowns. I love gowns. They are so convenient when baby’s are first born!

Little stag/Reindeer head gownand I even converted a couple Reindeer heads into Rudolph with a little red nose 😊

Some cozy flannel baby blankets. They are about 42″ square. I love these blankets. I made them for all my kids and they get used for so many things!

Sweet Persephone modeling for me ❤️ This one is my favorite! I kept one of these for Valentino. I am also planning on making all 4 of the little kids matching pajamas out of this flannel. It’s so cute and cozy! Hopefully I can get to that before the solstice as I want to gift each of my kiddos new jammies! I would make the 2 big kids the same pajamas but I need to find a pattern for their size too. I wish Oliver and S patterns made teen sizes!
So there we have it, for now. My list of things to accomplish or clean is never ending. 

And here is a mug I bought for myself so I can sip hot cocoa out of something cute for a change.


Bohemian Baby Doll Dresses for my Little Girls

I made my two little girls Bohemian Baby Doll Dresses using the pattern from Elegance & Elephants. They turned out super cute! Fifi wanted to sleep in hers 🙂  She also wants to wear it again today, but I need to wash it because she spilled a little bit of food on the bodice last night.. I told her she can wear it around for the morning but in a bit when we get ready to go out she’ll have to take it off so it can get cleaned.. I plan on making a bunch more for both girls in different fabrics.  I have a few fabrics in the wash and dryer (forgot to do that last time I washed a bunch of fabric) and I have some more fabric that I just ordered specifically to make this dress.  It is so precious.  Perfect sweet and innocent dress for a young girl.  I really do love it.

My pretty little girls in their new dresses

My pretty little girls in their new dresses

I subscribe to the Oliver & S blog posts.  The other day I got an email from them where people guest post about what their favorite Oliver & S pattern is.  Well, it happened to be from a blog I never heard of before, (not that I have head of them all!) but she had some really cute photos of a pattern I had so I wanted to check it out.. I was browsing through her posts while the kids were sleeping, she and her sister make so many cute things!  I came across this one post and I absolutely fell in love with the dress!  As much as one can fall in love with a clothing pattern and fabric 😉  then I saw this one!  so, so pretty..  I checked out her etsy and asked her a few questions then decided I would just buy the pattern… and as luck may have it I was looking online at fabric and found the same bird print, so I ordered some to make the girls matching dresses.. But in the meantime I was itching to try the pattern out.. So I got some fabric from my stash and sewed up some little pretties for the girls.  I used Spring Hare by Lewis & Irene and the pink is another fabric from that line.  I bought them at my local fabric store, Fabrics Plus, when they were having a 30% off sale recently.  I lined the inside of the bodice and flutter sleeves with just a plain white cotton.  It’s probably Kona, which also bought at that store.

two sweeties in their new dresses

two sweeties in their new dresses

They came together pretty easily.  I had a difficult time with the little flutter sleeves and the lining on the first dress.  I did Little Biscuits first.  She is in a size 2 so all the pieces are small! I did a straight size 2 for her in the bodice and skirt.  I did the first sleeve the way the instructions called for and it was a pain in the butt!  So the next sleeve I decided to do the other method recommended which was so much easier!  There is a link on the instructions once you buy and download the pattern.  There is also a video here that shows how to do it.. It was nice being able to see and read what I was supposed to be doing. The internet is such a great resource!  Especially since I don’t have a large community of mama’s and grandmas who pass down all their sewing knowledge!  The second sleeve came together like a breeze and then Fifi’s dress was completed in about half the time.  There are only 6 pattern pieces so it isn’t a difficult one to figure out.  I had cut all the pieces out for both dresses at once.

Little Biscuit modeling her new dress Mama made

Little Biscuit modeling her new dress Mama made

So, once I finished Little Biscuits dress I took a break to eat something and got started on Angel Pies.  For hers, I did a size 6 bodice with a size 7 skirt.  She’s thin and lanky so I wanted to make sure it would be long enough.

My Angel Pie in her new dress Mama made for her.. and Miss O's sock on the stairs

My Angel Pie in her new dress Mama made for her.. and Miss O’s sock on the stairs

They are both happy girls!  And I’m happy they turned out so cute.  I know the print is very Spring-ish but I’m thinking as long as they want to and can fit they can wear it whenever.. In the Autumn and Winter we can just add a long sleeve tee underneath or a sweater, and some leggings or long socks.  Can’t wait to make some more.. but first I have an embroidery to finish up and get shipped out to a customer 😉

Pretty Miss O with little baby Biscuit

Pretty Miss O with little baby Biscuit taking selfies as usual!

My 3 little Rice Crackers.. Little Salamander wanted to be in a photo too since his sisters were!

My 3 little Rice Crackers.. Little Salamander wanted to be in a photo too since his sisters were!  Love his little squinty eyed smile.. looks like it’s almost time for a haircut!



Starting but not finishing the girls Regency Dresses and other things

So I started this post in mid June.. but I never got around to finishing the dress/es so here this post sits along with the almost done dress for Persephone and the cut out pieces for Fifi’s dress.  Though, I didn’t finish these I have been busy!  I would say a big part of the reason these sat unfinished is because for 2 weeks we had out of town family visiting from Texas and Denmark.  So I spent a lot of time with them.. doing family things.. taking a trip to Mt. Baker and Nooksack Falls.. having lots of bbq’s.. It was over 4th of July.. Oh yeah.. my cousin, his wife and their dog came up from Portland as well!  It was really nice to see everyone again and have my 2 uncles get to meet my youngest children.  Next time they come around we will have our new little one too..

Well, I got this big giant pattern sheet put together.  That was a little time consuming but not as bad as I always imagined printing out pdf patterns to be.. After printing I trace all the pattern pieces onto interfacing to make cutting out the fabric a bit easier.. It’s easier to work with one smaller piece rather than a whole giant sheet!  Also, the interfacing is much more flexible and it’s just nicer to have one piece rather than a few sheets of paper taped together..

Tracing patterns onto interfacing

Tracing patterns onto interfacing

more interfacing/pattern tracing

more interfacing/pattern tracing

using a sharpie to trace onto interfacing all the markings on the pattern

using a sharpie to trace onto interfacing all the markings on the pattern

Got all my pattern pieces traced onto interfacing and cut!

Got all my pattern pieces traced onto interfacing and cut!

When I finally started to get the pieces sewn together I was so happy with how those cute little sleeves turned out!  I could totally picture my little biscuit wearing this dress.  I ended up lining the whole thing but I think for Fifi’s dress I will only line the bodice as both the fabrics together make the finished dress a bit thicker.. for the summer it would nice for it to be a bit more flowy.. It has been so hot here this year.. Not very pacific north west-y at all!  I miss the rain!

Getting the sleeves attached to the bodice.  I love how puffy they are!

Getting the sleeves attached to the bodice. I love how puffy they are!

I still have to hem the sleeves in and add buttons to the back.. I also wanted to make a white sash for her to wear around her waist.. I made her a size 2 but I probably should have made the size 1.  she seems to be swimming in the top without a sash tied around.. In the photos I just used a piece of scrap fabric I had lying around just to see what it would look like when I actually did get the sash done..  When I make her a smaller bodice I will probably keep the length of the size 2 because I do like that quite a bit!  I really want to get my 2 youngest girls a dress made for xmas this year.. I was going to use these as practice to see how easily they came together before I went and bought the silk for their xmas dresses..  I think I may have mentioned before there is a website that sells so many beautiful colors of silk for around $15 a yard, which is an excellent price!  So, I think that is where I will be buying silk for their xmas dresses!

I only came across one problem when making the dress.. I was pretty confused at the bit when sewing the bodice to the skirt part.. and I ended up attaching them wrong.  I was supposed to keep the lining of the bodice free, sew the skirt on to the outside fabric of the bodice then hand sew the bodice lining to the skirt to cover up all the raw edges, but I was really not understanding the instructions so I ended up just sewing it all together at once then zig zag stiching the raw edges.  After completed the dress I realized what the instructions were saying so Fifi’s dress and the subsequent dresses will be done up the correct way!  I have also learned out to use my serger since then so if I have any more raw edges I will be sure to use my serger!  (Thanks cousin Ty for showing me how to use it!!)

I have taken about 4 weeks off from the Farmer’s Market.. yesterday was my first one back.. and although it is a huge pain in the butt to wake up so early.. lug all my stuff up the stairs to the van.. out of the garage into the van… load the van and set up at the Market.. then tear it all down and bring it back into the house.. it is very nice to be out there..  It was so hot yesterday though!  I woke up a bit later than I wanted so I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been.. I forgot to bring water!  I think it’s so cool when I get people returning telling me how much they love something I’ve made.. how often they wear it 🙂  or mama’s with little babies who come back and say that an older sibling (of their baby) had this and that of something I made.. There are lots of new people who come stop by and there are quite a few returning people.. it’s always nice to see them and get to talk for a minute or two.. It’s funny I feel that way because I always have been pretty shy and even now sometimes I find it hard to say hi… being at the market has pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone.. but I like it!

I will be doing a few more markets then have a couple weeks off, go back for Labor Day, then I am done for the season.  Percy’s 2nd birthday is mid September so I wanted to take time off before hand to get the house cleaned up nicely for her birthday party.. Then we have Fifi’s in the beginning of October and the new little baby is due in the end of October..  So hopefully I will have enough time to get stuff done around the house before all this happens!  During my couple weeks off in August I’m hoping to drive down to Oregon to visit some family and my close friend.  It’s a very long drive though, 8+ hours, with 5 kids in a cramped hot van does not seem like such a wonderful time!  So I really have to psyche myself up a bit for that!

I got in some fabric recently and made the 2 little girls red riding hood capes.  They turned out super cute!  I used a red linen blend for the outer fabric and a navy blue polka dot for the lining.. Both fabrics are kaufman.

the finished cape

the finished cape

The lining of the red riding hood cape

The lining of the red riding hood cape

I used the pattern from Oliver & S Little Things to Sew.  I made Fifi a cape out of a pink and grey wool last year (or two) when I first bought the book.  She has worn that thing so much!  I had always wanted to make her a red one, so I finally did!  And one for little Percy too.  They took a lot longer to make than I remembered!  I had all the pieces traced out and ready to go one night.. The next day I cut out all the pieces and sewed it all together.. but it took pretty much the whole day to make 2 capes.. I don’t know why it took so dang long!

I’m getting some more fabric in the mail tomorrow to make Salvatore a Robin Hood cape.. this pattern comes from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I’m going to be using the kaufman linen blend again, this time in an olive green like color and a brown color for the lining.. but his cape will be reversible.  The girls capes are, too, but I sewed my labels on the inside so unless I want to take those out they will only be wearing their cape one way!  😉  I doubt Salvatore’s will get used for anything but play but I’m hoping Miss Fiammetta will want to wear this one to school this year!  She still wears the pink wool one around and she has already gotten a lot of use out of the red one too (when it isn’t too hot!)  The cape pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated looks way simpler than the one from Little Things to Sew.  So, I don’t think this one will take me quite as long to finish!  I will be making 4 though, 2 to sell at the Farmer’s Market/Etsy, one for Sally, and one to stash away for Christmas for my brothers new girlfriends son.

And this is a long one.. so I think I will end it here!  I want to try to finish up two more Red Riding hood capes today, for the Market/Etsy, and get two paintings done that I have an order for.. so I think it will be a busy day!

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In which she (finally!) finishes Salvatore’s “baby” quilt

Salvatore is 4 years old.. to be precise he is 4 years 5 months 5 days… so many hours and so many seconds.. I’m not going to get that precise..

About a month or  two before I got pregnant with him we moved back to Washington State from Portland, Oregon (we lived next to an awesome fabric store in Milwaukie called The Mill End, where I got all the fabrics for Fifi’s baby quilt).. We moved to Everett.  Not my most favorite city in WA but I wasn’t quite yet ready to move back to Skagit County and the farmlands.  The one thing I loved about Everett was the fabric store called Pacific Fabrics.  They have them in a few different cities in the state.  They definitely aren’t Jo Anne Fabrics.  Pacific fabric is more expensive but they seem to have a better quality selection.  While checking it out one day I came across this fabric in the home decorators section of the store.. I absolutely loved it.  I bought some with the intention of making my soon to be new son a baby quilt.  It is very thick, thicker than a quilting cotton but I thought it would work great.  And, for some reason unknown to me I have always been drawn to elephants.

Backing Home decorators fabric for Sally's quilt

Backing Home decorators fabric for Sally’s quilt

So I had this fabric sitting around for years before I actually did anything with it.  Well, I actually used part of it to make a car blanket for him.. one side this fabric the other side a navy flannel.  He still uses it even now.

We moved to Anacortes right after his first birthday in March of 2012.  While living in Anacortes I came across another local fabric store right in the down town called In Stitches Quilt Shoppe.  I love this store!  While perusing the isles I came across some great old reproduction fabrics that I thought would coordinate well with the circus backing fabric I had for so long.. Up until this point I had no idea what I wanted to pair with the lovely circus fabric I acquired in Everett.  I thought the airplanes would be perfect as my little guy loved planes.  (you can see a bit of it peeking on the left hand side of the above photo) and I thought the colors would be good.. An all red white and blue quilt.  I know the styles are a bit different but I thought he wouldn’t mind and would probably like them both a lot.

I started piecing the top of the quilt when I was pregnant with Persephone (2013).  By this time Salamander was now 2 years old and still didn’t have his baby quilt!  I was able to finish the whole top, make my quilt sandwich out of the top, batting and backing fabric, even tie the quilt and get the binding all cut and ready to go before the new baby came.  I even made a quilt top for the new baby girl who would be arriving.  But I never actually put the dang quilt together!  It sat on the back of my sewing chair, then getting moved around to various places around my sewing machine for the past 2 years!

Salamander is now 4, as I said above, and I have finally finished my boys quilt! I am so happy.  I always worried that I get in some sort of horrible accident and he would never have a special blankey to remember me by, to wrap up and cuddle in and know I loved him very much.  I’m sure he would know, it’s just the kind of thoughts that go through my mind.. I may now rest at ease.. Though, now I must finish Percy’s quilt and get started on a new one for the new, and last, baby of mine.

The top of Sally's quilt

The top of Ss’s quilt finally finished!

The quilt is 9 x 9 squares, each square is a finished 5 inches. Finished quilt size is approx 45 inch square.  I decided to hand tie the quilt instead of quilting it.  All my other kiddos baby quilts are hand tied.  My sewing machine isn’t very deep and it’s kind of  pain to quilt on it.. and I have never done hand quilting before!  I do not remember who the fabric designers are as it has been so long since I bought them.  I may have the selvages for the top fabrics somewhere, just can’t place them right now.

The top of Sally's quilt all finshed

The top of Ss’s quilt all finished

front and back of Sally's

front and back of Ss’s “baby” quilt

I really love these fabrics, and though the styles of the front and back are very different, I love them together.  I am so happy and relieved I finally finished it!  It took me dang forever.. way too long.  I hope it doesn’t take me this long to make Persephone’s and the new little fella’s quilts!

My little man all cozy and enjoying his new "baby" quilt!

My little man all cozy and enjoying his new “baby” quilt!

Sally seems to be enjoying it!  He even took it on the 2 hour car ride to drop his big sissy off at a friends house for her sleep over.. Makes me happy to know I made him happy!  I love his little squinty eyed smile with his dimpled cheeks and pointy elf ears.  He’s my naughty little angel!

And to make it all a million times better…. today was the last day of school for the year!!  Last night Miss O Graduated from 8th grade (she was and is Gorgeous in her new dress!!).  That was cool, not literally, it was pretty hot in there.. Especially with 2 little kids crawling on me wanting to get up and get drinks of water.  After they finally called Ophelia’s name I took Sally and Percy out into the hall for the duration while my Mama, 2 of my brothers, one of their wives, my 3 year old nephew and my 2 middle children sat in the bleachers and finished watching.  Oh, I am so happy that I have 2 months without having to wake up early 5 days a week to get the kids ready (holler at them over and over to brush their teeth, get dressed and eat breakfast) for school and walk them to the bus.. It will be nice to be able to spend time together as a family, hopefully with little arguing between them!  Hot days with popcorn and movie nights..  Lot’s of fresh fruit.  I am trying to enjoy them as much as I can before I have another new infant to take up more of my time.  Doing it all alone is going to be very time consuming!

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In which she accomplishes something..

I feel so accomplished this morning.. I got around 2,000 – 3,000 photos off my phone.. some of which have been on there since 2013ish..  And I erased them from my phone so now I have tons of space!  woo hoo.. more space = more photos to take..   A lot of them were pictures that Miss O has taken of herself.  Making stupid faces, of course.

I also got the little squids finger nails and toe nails cut.  Which is a good thing because last night Persephone scratched my face while she was sleeping.. not a pleasant thing to wake up to.  She and Salvatore are sleeping with me in our tiny full sized bed.  It will get more and more uncomfortable as my belly grows.  As it is now, I’m on the edge of the bed!

My two elementary kids, Settimio and Fifi, missed the bus this morning so I had to drive them to school as well.  Thankfully it is just a 2 minute drive up the big hill..  We would walk but it’s a kind of dangerous, curvy, uphill road with no sidewalks.. (we live outside of city limits so it’s a bit more country) So the bus is safer.

I thought I would write a bit and post some photos (if I can figure how to, which doesn’t seem hard) of some of the stuff I’ve been doing lately..

A few months ago, or sometime last year I picked up a few pallets from my sis in law’s work with the intent on making something out of them.. I dismantled them right away.  That was sort of a pain in the butt until I figured out a system with the hammer..  Initially I was using a hand saw. It was pretty hot out so it was probably last summer some time.  The dismantled pallet wood stood under my bedroom window for a long time being used as ugly wall decoration and pretend skateboards and magic carpets when the little kids would go out front to play..  So, the other day I decided I would nail some pieces together and stain it to make a sign for the Chicken coop area.. The wood actually looks pretty nice now that it’s stained but it’s pretty huge and not really what I was going for.. so it’s sitting back under my bedroom window, for now, looking a little more put together and pretty.

here it is looking all pretty

Front of the stained pallet wood

Front of the stained pallet wood

I still want to make some thing out of the stained pallet wood, I just haven’t decided what yet.

But here is the sign I decided to go with for our chicken coop..

The Chicken Coop sign in it's beginning stages.  Just the under black layer and the wording.  Still have to paint the white layer and paint on the words

The Chicken Coop sign in it’s beginning stages. Just the under black layer and the wording. Still have to paint the white layer and paint on the words

I still need to get some little eye hooks to get it all put together.. But I was going to finish the painting first.

The Chicken Coop title board.. all painted up white, getting it's letters written on.

The Chicken Coop title board.. all painted up white, getting it’s letters written on.

Here is what it looks like with the white paint over top the black.. getting it’s letters put on.  I started painting it but it’s really hard to do with the crappy brushes I have so I need to head into Michael’s or someplace and pick up some smaller more defined brushes.  Recently I’ve been using crappy kid paint brushes we had left over from some of their old homeschooling projects.  I was using black chalk board paint and the white paint is Annie Sloan chalk paint in Old White.. The letters will just be done in black acrylics. I am almost out of the chalk board paint so I think when I get the paintbrushes I will probably pick up some flat black paint to use instead.. buying the flat black is a bit cheaper and it will give the same result I need for the signs/canvases I’ve been doing.  I’m just using the black for the under layer anyway.

Here are some of the signs I’ve been doing the past week or so..

I love you to the moon and back

I love you to the moon and back

I see the moon

I see the moon

Those two were done with the black chalk paint..

Wicked Witch of the East Death Certificate

Wicked Witch of the East Death Certificate

Getting some signs ready for the Holiday Market in November.

Kringles Bed and Breakfast in Red Chalk paint with White lettering

Kringles Bed and Breakfast in Red Chalk paint with White lettering

Some of the xmas signs on my ironing board

Some of the xmas signs on my ironing board

Mrs. Kringles Kitchen sign done with Annie Sloan white chalk paint and red acrylic

Mrs. Kringles Kitchen sign done with Annie Sloan white chalk paint and red acrylic

I need to get some more canvas as well when I head in to get the paint brushes..

All my signs I have available for purchase on my esty account and I will be selling them at the Farmer’s Market when I go back in July.  The holiday ones I will be saving for the Holiday Farmer’s Market in November..  The weekend before Thanksgiving if you happen to be in Anacortes, WA and want to come check it out.  This year will be my first!  I’m excited, but I will also have a newborn with me as this little bean is due October 25.  I’ve gone as a shopper the past two years and it was a lot of fun.  There is lots of cool things to check out.  It’s over a pier so you can see the water through the cracks in the floor.  The kids got a kick out of that!

But today I want to finish up, or rather start sewing, the dresses I am making for the little girls.  I got the pattern pieces printed and all taped together yesterday.

Here is the pattern all taped together hanging on the sliding glass door in the dining room.

Here is the pattern all taped together hanging on the sliding glass door in the dining room.

It actually wasn’t bad putting it together.  A little time consuming.  More so than buying a pre-made paper pattern.  But buying the e-file was nice because I didn’t have to wait for it to come in the mail to get started on my project.  I bought the pattern from  It’s the girls Regency Dress Pattern.  I’m so excited to start.  I still need to trace the correct size pattern pieces onto my interfacing to make the reusable pattern.  I’m going to make the 2 little girls the short sleeved version.  Fifi is excited.  She loves dresses.  Persephone could probably care less and probably will ask to take it off once I actually put it on her.. She’s not a dress girl.  But sometimes you just gotta make them!  At least when she’s little.  I’m hoping to get sewing today.  Maybe I’ll even finish a dress, or both.. it is Friday so I can just do pizza and a movie night for the squids.  Holy poop, I can’t believe the school year is almost out.. I can’t freakin wait!

So I guess I will go clear another place on the living room floor (something I have to do multiple times a day with Sally and Percy making messes all the time!) and get to tracing out my pattern pieces.. get the fabric ironed, and cut.  And hopefully get to sewing!

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First post and no photos

So… today is Thursday.  Fifi came down with the flu last friday and today was her first day back to school.. Just in time for the last days before summer break.  Next Tuesday is the last day of school and it’s a half day.

Oh my god.. kids.. so many kids.  I love them but they can be damn annoying.  When they are whining and fighting and just doing stupid or mean things to each other in general.  It’s nice when they are cuddly and sweet and saying “I love you” to one another but most of the time it’s filled with the opposite.  (Salvatore and Percy in the bed poking and slapping one another about Percy’s shirt being an “Arya” (cat) or a panda bear.)

Last night Ophelia threw up in the middle of the night.  Two nights before that is was Salvatore.  So far Settimio and Percy haven’t gotten sick.  And thankfully no one got it as bad as Fifi!  She was so sick she didn’t eat all weekend.. Wednesday was the first day back to eating food and even still when she’s eating she complains of  her stomach hurting.  Poor girl.  I had just taken her measurements before she got sick.  I am starting to make Fifi and Percy little empire waist dresses from the collection.  Sweet little Jane Austen type dresses and I needed to take their measurements to see what size to make.  I bought the e-pattern and our local fabric store was having a 20% off sale so I bought a few yards of a soft blue cotton and a white muslin for the lining.  Fiammetta is so tiny before being sick she was measuring in the size 4 on some of the measurements.  I measured her again today to get the length needed from the empire waist down to the floor and she will probably need a size 8 in length.  Taking her measurements again today she has lost about an inch in her bust, waist and hips over the past week!  That is not good for a growing 6 1/2 year old girl.

We are going to a wedding in a little over 2 weeks so I wanted to have the dresses done before then.  Miss Fi wants a pretty silk dress for Christmas this year so I told her I would make one of these up in cotton first before we buy the silk.  I found a great website ( that was recommended on the website and they have great prices.  $15 a yard for silk in a huge variety of colors!  I’m excited to buy that after I see how these turn out.  I just got the pattern printed out and taped together today.  It’s actually still taped up to our sliding glass door in the dining room.  Tomorrow I will be tracing it on to interfacing and hopefully getting the fabric cut and starting to sew!  I will try and post some photos of that.  Right now I’m just going to be taking pictures with my phone and I really dislike downloading onto the computer.. but I suppose I should as my phone is always lacking space!

I was hoping to get a Regency dress made for myself as well but I really don’t feel like messing with the short stays required.. at least not on a time restraint.  So I will do that at a more leisurely pace.  I also just bought some fabric online to make my 2 little girls red riding hood capes.  I made Fifi a pink and grey wool hood cape last fall (or was it summer?) but I’ve been wanting to make her a red one for quite a long time!  I got the pattern from the Oliver and S Little Things to Sew book.  Actually that pattern is why I bought the book.  I bought 2 different shades of red linen blend and for the lining I bought a navy blue with white polka dot cotton.  That should be arriving in the next week or so.  I told Feafers she can pick out which red she likes better and the other ones I will sell at the Farmer’s Market or on my Etsy.  The red riding hood cape pattern was pretty easy and it turned out great.  She has gotten a lot of use out of the cape and has worn it to school very often.  I think it’s sweet.  I’m glad she likes and wants me to make her things.  I don’t think Ophelia or Settimio would be so enthusiastic about me making them stuff.

I don’t remember when I created this account but it has taken me very long to actually sit and write for it.. There are a few reasons why I wanted to start a blog.  I really miss writing. A lot. I’m hoping that I will use this as a sort of journal .  But then there is part of me that really doesn’t want to either.  Like, I feel so pretentious.  Who really cares to read what’s going on in my/our lives?  Why does it matter?!  And then there has been so dang much going on in my life that I haven’t really wanted to talk about or it’s been so overwhelming just thinking about. But, I guess I’m more just writing for myself.  but publicly .. publicly is a funny word.  it looks funny.  and if you pronounce it differently it could say pube licey.  or pube lickey.  he he he.. gross.  I guess if you don’t know me then you might find that I am inappropriate or even gross at times.. some might say more than not.  My mom might say that.  Probably most people who know me would say that.  I think poop is funny.  and farts.  They make me laugh.  Not really if I have to clean up some poop.  Then I get frustrated or angry maybe. Cat poop in the bathroom sink going down the drain hole isn’t funny when you have to clean it up. Diarrhea on the floor or couch isn’t very funny when you have to clean it up.  But it is funny when you just have to think about it.  yes.  and now I’m talking about poop.  I think this has been a successful blog post.