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A gaggle of Geranium Dresses

So the past few days I have been busy sewing up some Geranium dresses. I have made three for Persephone and two for Fiammetta. As well as a whole lot of bloomers/bubble shorts (tree climber pantaloons) for little P, baby V, and the shop. On the two dresses with short sleeves I used the Geranium Expansion Pack.

First off, was this white linen, sleeveless dress for Little Miss Percy Pie.

I used Kam Snaps on the back because I don’t know how to sew button holes! 😂 and I really like the way these open metal ring ones look. 

Persephone’s dress was sewn using Kaufman Essex Linen in white. It is a Linen cotton blend.

It turned out really nice. I keep thinking how lovely some embroidery would be on there!
The Second dress I made was for Fiammetta. She wanted sleeves and picked the gathered sleeve from the expansion pack. I am not too fond with how this one turned out but Fifi likes it so that’s what is important! I ended up shortening the sleeves a bit from what is pictured because the length of them really bothered me. The ended up looking really long. I like the way the whole dress looks better with shortened sleeves. But I don’t have a photo of that!  This dress also differs from the way it was made. Instead of a gathered waist she wanted a pleated skirt. And I sewed her a straight size 8. But because of her very thin little body I probably should have sewn a size 7 bodice with a size 8 length skirt. She’s long and thin just like I used to be!Back of 2nd Geranium with Gathered Sleeves

I didn’t get the best photos here.. Fiammetta was helping to grate some cheese for supper. Excuse the messy house! 🙂 and we had the tent set up in the parlor as the kids were having a campout for a couple days!side of second geranium

The pink fabric is Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Blossom Pink.  The bottom fabric is Brambleberry Ridge Rosemilk Metallic Mint also by Michael miller.  I bought these fabrics quite a while ago to make some dresses for the girls but never actually got around to it!2nd geranium

Fiammetta's Geranium

Third dress and I think my favorite of the bunch is this pretty little gold dress for Persephone. I used the fitted, short sleeves from the expansion pack and I LOVE the way this dress turned out! I will be making many more of this style for the girls in different fabrics. It looks classic and sweet. I’m thinking of possibly adding pintucks on some future dress skirts.

Persephone Gold Geranium Fitted Short Sleeves
I used Michael Miller Cotton Couture in Gold. Again, it was purchased quite a while ago but never used. I have plans of making bloomers for the shop out of this fabric as well.

Gold Geranium Octopus Tree Climber Shorts

For the bloomers and lining of the dress bodice I used Salt Water Octopus Garden by Tula Pink.  I would link to that but it is sold out. I bought this fabric back in 2014 but didn’t know what I wanted to make out of it so I’ve held on to it for a while! I have since decided to make a bunch of bloomers with it and list them in the shop. Now that the baby is getting older it’s a little easier for me to be at the sewing machine and get some stuff done!

Kam Snaps again on the back. In fact I used Kam Snaps on all the dresses! It makes for easy dressing for the girls as well. Plus they are sturdy and durable.

Fourth and fifth dresses are a matching set for the two girls. We did the gathered skirt with the cap sleeve option from the original Geranium Dress pattern. I used Michael Miller Brambleberry Ridge Flight in Metallic Mint. This too has sold out. I really love Michael Miller fabrics. They are very soft and lovely to sew with. also has very reasonable pricing. It’s nice to shop from local shops but it’s a lot more affordable in a lower income household to buy online.

Persephones dress is a size 4. I did deepen the hem to 2 1/2 inches instead of what the pattern called for. It makes the dress a bit shorter and a bit more retro 1960’s look.

Again, I sewed a straight size 8 for Fiammetta but I probably should have gone with the smaller size 7 bodice with a size 8 length skirt. She’s such a skinny Minnie.

I did deepen Fiammettas hem as well. Since she is older and her dress is a lot longer than Persephones, I was able to make her hem 3 inches.

The expansion pack has so many options! I plan on making the girls some long fitted sleeve dresses for the winter. Next up is a long fitted sleeve dress out of the white linen. I am going to lengthen the skirts to floor length for both girls and sew up a red sash from the expansion pack. Perfect for celebrating Santa Lucia Day and the Winter Solstice this year. I just have to figure out how to make a crown of greenery and candles!
After I tire of dresses and the girls have a few new things to wear for the hot weather I will get back to sewing for the shop!

And since little baby girl woke up from a nap I was able to snap a few photos of the girls together.. so I’ll leave you with these ❤️


Bohemian Baby Doll Dresses for my Little Girls

I made my two little girls Bohemian Baby Doll Dresses using the pattern from Elegance & Elephants. They turned out super cute! Fifi wanted to sleep in hers 🙂  She also wants to wear it again today, but I need to wash it because she spilled a little bit of food on the bodice last night.. I told her she can wear it around for the morning but in a bit when we get ready to go out she’ll have to take it off so it can get cleaned.. I plan on making a bunch more for both girls in different fabrics.  I have a few fabrics in the wash and dryer (forgot to do that last time I washed a bunch of fabric) and I have some more fabric that I just ordered specifically to make this dress.  It is so precious.  Perfect sweet and innocent dress for a young girl.  I really do love it.

My pretty little girls in their new dresses

My pretty little girls in their new dresses

I subscribe to the Oliver & S blog posts.  The other day I got an email from them where people guest post about what their favorite Oliver & S pattern is.  Well, it happened to be from a blog I never heard of before, (not that I have head of them all!) but she had some really cute photos of a pattern I had so I wanted to check it out.. I was browsing through her posts while the kids were sleeping, she and her sister make so many cute things!  I came across this one post and I absolutely fell in love with the dress!  As much as one can fall in love with a clothing pattern and fabric 😉  then I saw this one!  so, so pretty..  I checked out her etsy and asked her a few questions then decided I would just buy the pattern… and as luck may have it I was looking online at fabric and found the same bird print, so I ordered some to make the girls matching dresses.. But in the meantime I was itching to try the pattern out.. So I got some fabric from my stash and sewed up some little pretties for the girls.  I used Spring Hare by Lewis & Irene and the pink is another fabric from that line.  I bought them at my local fabric store, Fabrics Plus, when they were having a 30% off sale recently.  I lined the inside of the bodice and flutter sleeves with just a plain white cotton.  It’s probably Kona, which also bought at that store.

two sweeties in their new dresses

two sweeties in their new dresses

They came together pretty easily.  I had a difficult time with the little flutter sleeves and the lining on the first dress.  I did Little Biscuits first.  She is in a size 2 so all the pieces are small! I did a straight size 2 for her in the bodice and skirt.  I did the first sleeve the way the instructions called for and it was a pain in the butt!  So the next sleeve I decided to do the other method recommended which was so much easier!  There is a link on the instructions once you buy and download the pattern.  There is also a video here that shows how to do it.. It was nice being able to see and read what I was supposed to be doing. The internet is such a great resource!  Especially since I don’t have a large community of mama’s and grandmas who pass down all their sewing knowledge!  The second sleeve came together like a breeze and then Fifi’s dress was completed in about half the time.  There are only 6 pattern pieces so it isn’t a difficult one to figure out.  I had cut all the pieces out for both dresses at once.

Little Biscuit modeling her new dress Mama made

Little Biscuit modeling her new dress Mama made

So, once I finished Little Biscuits dress I took a break to eat something and got started on Angel Pies.  For hers, I did a size 6 bodice with a size 7 skirt.  She’s thin and lanky so I wanted to make sure it would be long enough.

My Angel Pie in her new dress Mama made for her.. and Miss O's sock on the stairs

My Angel Pie in her new dress Mama made for her.. and Miss O’s sock on the stairs

They are both happy girls!  And I’m happy they turned out so cute.  I know the print is very Spring-ish but I’m thinking as long as they want to and can fit they can wear it whenever.. In the Autumn and Winter we can just add a long sleeve tee underneath or a sweater, and some leggings or long socks.  Can’t wait to make some more.. but first I have an embroidery to finish up and get shipped out to a customer 😉

Pretty Miss O with little baby Biscuit

Pretty Miss O with little baby Biscuit taking selfies as usual!

My 3 little Rice Crackers.. Little Salamander wanted to be in a photo too since his sisters were!

My 3 little Rice Crackers.. Little Salamander wanted to be in a photo too since his sisters were!  Love his little squinty eyed smile.. looks like it’s almost time for a haircut!