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I made a Stocking Hanger/Coat Rack!

I bought a 4x4x8 from Home Depot.. had Them cut it down to 6 feet in length. I Bought 4 expensive wood corbels for the feet and another sort of expensive furniture bun-foot-thing for the top. 
Screwed and glued it all together. Let it dry overnight. Filled in all the cracks with caulking. Let that dry about an hour and got to painting!

Painted that baby two times with Killz water based primer, once with paint (letting dry between each coats and overnight between the primer and paint). I just used some chalk paint I had on hand that I had bought a while back to test the color and see if it held up in quality to Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint. (I like the color of Annie Slaons old White Chalk Paint better, but it is really expensive!) And finished it off with a coat of Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

I measured down 6 inches from the top to screw in the upper hooks.  Measured 22 inches from the top of the corbels/base to screw in the bottom most hooks.  For the middle hooks I measured between the two sets of hooks already hung and placed them right in the middle.  

Lastly, I hung the stockings, with just a touch of care.. not too much care. Don’t want them getting used to special treatment in a house full of ragamuffins who won’t treat them with so much care 🙂 

I may end up changing the paint at a later date but for now it works perfectly! I’m actually super happy with how my overly expensive coat rack turned out!

The little kids were pretty excited too! They wanted to get dressed up and have me take their photo with the coat rack 😆 now they are having a tea party in the parlor with American Girl dolls and the tea set Miss Persephone got for her 4th birthday from Nana ❤️

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Hygge Journaling Course for my “It’s Always Sunny” family

The Hygge Wife has just put together a journaling course and I was gifted the opportunity to take part in it.  I’m planning on journaling here, on this very blog, for the duration of the month long course, in my attempt to keep myself accountable and on task!

“The Hygge Journals was created to help you live the intentional, hygge-centered lifestyle that you’ve always wanted to. It is the lifestyle that I have built over the last couple of years (ever since finding hygge) and that has changed my life for the better. It is a month-long journaling course in seeking hygge. Throughout this course, you will be given a series of journaling prompts and activities that will inspire you to seek hygge and live intentionally.”

“What is The Hygge Journals?

  • A 30 day, intensive journaling course to help you immerse yourself in journaling and finding hygge

  • Lessons on starting a journaling practice and using it to become more intentional

  • Activities to help you create a more hyggelig lifestyle and household

  • A course that will help you create tangible life changes towards a more meaningful life…”


I am excited to get started and to see what it is all about.. I hope to utilize this time to help keep myself and my home calm and centered, to create a real cozy atmosphere that my children will remember and want to come home to as they age and move out of the nest.  To help lead me to be more of the woman I want to be and the home I wish to have, you know,  instead of the crazed lunatic asylum we currently live in 😉  My home is like an episode of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” without all the drugs and alcohol.. Lots and lots of screaming and yelling over one another..  I suppose that can be cozy in it’s own way?  Maybe?


I definitely need to recreate this photo with my family..


I found The Hygge Wife while perusing through her instagram page one day.  She takes very lovely calming photos.  I would not mind recreating some of that atmosphere in my own home!


Stay tuned to see if I will be joining Misha Collins with Gishwhes as I will definitely post about that as well!  Not sure if my little application was accepted or not..


p.s. I totally figured out how to add those hyperlink into the body of the text!!  woo hoo!  I’m probably going to over use this function all the time!



Starting but not finishing the girls Regency Dresses and other things

So I started this post in mid June.. but I never got around to finishing the dress/es so here this post sits along with the almost done dress for Persephone and the cut out pieces for Fifi’s dress.  Though, I didn’t finish these I have been busy!  I would say a big part of the reason these sat unfinished is because for 2 weeks we had out of town family visiting from Texas and Denmark.  So I spent a lot of time with them.. doing family things.. taking a trip to Mt. Baker and Nooksack Falls.. having lots of bbq’s.. It was over 4th of July.. Oh yeah.. my cousin, his wife and their dog came up from Portland as well!  It was really nice to see everyone again and have my 2 uncles get to meet my youngest children.  Next time they come around we will have our new little one too..

Well, I got this big giant pattern sheet put together.  That was a little time consuming but not as bad as I always imagined printing out pdf patterns to be.. After printing I trace all the pattern pieces onto interfacing to make cutting out the fabric a bit easier.. It’s easier to work with one smaller piece rather than a whole giant sheet!  Also, the interfacing is much more flexible and it’s just nicer to have one piece rather than a few sheets of paper taped together..

Tracing patterns onto interfacing

Tracing patterns onto interfacing

more interfacing/pattern tracing

more interfacing/pattern tracing

using a sharpie to trace onto interfacing all the markings on the pattern

using a sharpie to trace onto interfacing all the markings on the pattern

Got all my pattern pieces traced onto interfacing and cut!

Got all my pattern pieces traced onto interfacing and cut!

When I finally started to get the pieces sewn together I was so happy with how those cute little sleeves turned out!  I could totally picture my little biscuit wearing this dress.  I ended up lining the whole thing but I think for Fifi’s dress I will only line the bodice as both the fabrics together make the finished dress a bit thicker.. for the summer it would nice for it to be a bit more flowy.. It has been so hot here this year.. Not very pacific north west-y at all!  I miss the rain!

Getting the sleeves attached to the bodice.  I love how puffy they are!

Getting the sleeves attached to the bodice. I love how puffy they are!

I still have to hem the sleeves in and add buttons to the back.. I also wanted to make a white sash for her to wear around her waist.. I made her a size 2 but I probably should have made the size 1.  she seems to be swimming in the top without a sash tied around.. In the photos I just used a piece of scrap fabric I had lying around just to see what it would look like when I actually did get the sash done..  When I make her a smaller bodice I will probably keep the length of the size 2 because I do like that quite a bit!  I really want to get my 2 youngest girls a dress made for xmas this year.. I was going to use these as practice to see how easily they came together before I went and bought the silk for their xmas dresses..  I think I may have mentioned before there is a website that sells so many beautiful colors of silk for around $15 a yard, which is an excellent price!  So, I think that is where I will be buying silk for their xmas dresses!

I only came across one problem when making the dress.. I was pretty confused at the bit when sewing the bodice to the skirt part.. and I ended up attaching them wrong.  I was supposed to keep the lining of the bodice free, sew the skirt on to the outside fabric of the bodice then hand sew the bodice lining to the skirt to cover up all the raw edges, but I was really not understanding the instructions so I ended up just sewing it all together at once then zig zag stiching the raw edges.  After completed the dress I realized what the instructions were saying so Fifi’s dress and the subsequent dresses will be done up the correct way!  I have also learned out to use my serger since then so if I have any more raw edges I will be sure to use my serger!  (Thanks cousin Ty for showing me how to use it!!)

I have taken about 4 weeks off from the Farmer’s Market.. yesterday was my first one back.. and although it is a huge pain in the butt to wake up so early.. lug all my stuff up the stairs to the van.. out of the garage into the van… load the van and set up at the Market.. then tear it all down and bring it back into the house.. it is very nice to be out there..  It was so hot yesterday though!  I woke up a bit later than I wanted so I wasn’t quite as prepared as I should have been.. I forgot to bring water!  I think it’s so cool when I get people returning telling me how much they love something I’ve made.. how often they wear it 🙂  or mama’s with little babies who come back and say that an older sibling (of their baby) had this and that of something I made.. There are lots of new people who come stop by and there are quite a few returning people.. it’s always nice to see them and get to talk for a minute or two.. It’s funny I feel that way because I always have been pretty shy and even now sometimes I find it hard to say hi… being at the market has pushed me a bit out of my comfort zone.. but I like it!

I will be doing a few more markets then have a couple weeks off, go back for Labor Day, then I am done for the season.  Percy’s 2nd birthday is mid September so I wanted to take time off before hand to get the house cleaned up nicely for her birthday party.. Then we have Fifi’s in the beginning of October and the new little baby is due in the end of October..  So hopefully I will have enough time to get stuff done around the house before all this happens!  During my couple weeks off in August I’m hoping to drive down to Oregon to visit some family and my close friend.  It’s a very long drive though, 8+ hours, with 5 kids in a cramped hot van does not seem like such a wonderful time!  So I really have to psyche myself up a bit for that!

I got in some fabric recently and made the 2 little girls red riding hood capes.  They turned out super cute!  I used a red linen blend for the outer fabric and a navy blue polka dot for the lining.. Both fabrics are kaufman.

the finished cape

the finished cape

The lining of the red riding hood cape

The lining of the red riding hood cape

I used the pattern from Oliver & S Little Things to Sew.  I made Fifi a cape out of a pink and grey wool last year (or two) when I first bought the book.  She has worn that thing so much!  I had always wanted to make her a red one, so I finally did!  And one for little Percy too.  They took a lot longer to make than I remembered!  I had all the pieces traced out and ready to go one night.. The next day I cut out all the pieces and sewed it all together.. but it took pretty much the whole day to make 2 capes.. I don’t know why it took so dang long!

I’m getting some more fabric in the mail tomorrow to make Salvatore a Robin Hood cape.. this pattern comes from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  I’m going to be using the kaufman linen blend again, this time in an olive green like color and a brown color for the lining.. but his cape will be reversible.  The girls capes are, too, but I sewed my labels on the inside so unless I want to take those out they will only be wearing their cape one way!  😉  I doubt Salvatore’s will get used for anything but play but I’m hoping Miss Fiammetta will want to wear this one to school this year!  She still wears the pink wool one around and she has already gotten a lot of use out of the red one too (when it isn’t too hot!)  The cape pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated looks way simpler than the one from Little Things to Sew.  So, I don’t think this one will take me quite as long to finish!  I will be making 4 though, 2 to sell at the Farmer’s Market/Etsy, one for Sally, and one to stash away for Christmas for my brothers new girlfriends son.

And this is a long one.. so I think I will end it here!  I want to try to finish up two more Red Riding hood capes today, for the Market/Etsy, and get two paintings done that I have an order for.. so I think it will be a busy day!